Accounting Services

Providing forward-thinking accounting to Chicago businesses from our bookkeeping services to QuickBooks pro advisors

Jesser Ravid Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Jesser, Ravid, Jason, Basso & Farber LLP provides a full range of business accounting services in Chicago and across the United States. We work with privately held businesses in a wide range of industries and provide a forward-thinking accounting approach.

Our goal is to help your business succeed. We do this by providing meaningful and accurate accounting advice and services tailored to your unique business.

We provide interim and annual accounting services, including review of your general ledger, bank reconciliations, required adjustments, financial statements, and unlimited consultation.


In-house Bookkeeping

Not every business in Chicago has its own bookkeeping department. Many small businesses find it easier to outsource bookkeeping to an accounting firm like ours for budget, practicality, space, and other reasons.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services include journal and general ledger maintenance, bank reconciliations, and tracking/analysis of receivables and payables.

Our Focus

While you focus on turning your business dreams into a reality, we’ll work to make your business’s bookkeeping and accounting functions easy and ensure that your financial records are maintained properly and accurately.

Cash Flow, Budgeting, & Projection Services

Cash Flow Management

We help businesses in the Chicago area develop their budgets by examining cash flow. Through intelligent cash flow management, you can avoid cost overruns and shortfalls of cash to keep your businesses running smoothly and with minimal financial headaches.

Long-Term Planning

For long-term planning, we provide complete forecasting and projection services. We create customized “what-if” planning scenarios to help you with unexpected business contingencies. By planning for all the possible outcomes, your business is never taken by surprise, and you are financially stable and ready for any change in circumstances.

Accounting Systems & Software

Our expert team has experience with the most practical and widely used accounting software packages.

QuickBooks has become a must-have software for many small businesses in Chicago and the United States. As such, our team includes certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors. Their experience with the software that your company is already using allows us to integrate our accounting services quickly and easily into your business with minimal disruption and changes.

You can continue to run your accounting software as you always have and simply share access with us. Our trained accountants are so familiar with the platforms you are already using that they will be able to quickly start advising with little or no additional access or reports from you.

Jesser Ravid Accounting Systems and Software

Jesser, Ravid, Jason, Basso, & Farber

When you choose Jesser, Ravid, Jason, Basso, and Farber, you’re adding a trusted team member and not just a consulting service. Learn more about working with us today!

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