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Providing excellent tax and accounting services is what we do by profession

Creating Sustainable & Accelerated Success

Creating Sustainable & Accelerated Success

Although providing tax and accounting services is what we do by profession, we are actually in the relationship business. The Jesser, Ravid, Jason, Basso, & Farber firm represents the successful 2013 merger of Jesser and Farber, LLP and Ravid and Bernstein LLP. Our combined expertise is here to help privately held companies and high-achieving individuals make and implement informed financial decisions. Through clear guidance to clients, our accounting firm helps them move forward in the best possible way and create sustainable and accelerated success.

Commitment To Our Clients

We are here to help you confidently make decisions about your finances. Whether you’re operating a business, managing your personal finances, or both, having an accountant behind you who will passionately help you reach for your vision can make all the difference in accomplishing it. Our firm of financial experts understands the nuts and bolts of any tax or accounting issues you may face. With JRJBF, you have specialists beyond your primary contact. No matter what financial services you need, someone from our team of CPAs will have the necessary expertise to take up your cause and get the job done right.

What Our Accounting Firm Has to Offer


Expertise and understanding of the complex tax issues in numerous types of businesses.


An understanding of the personal dynamics within a business. You’ll work with seasoned, hands-on, ultra-responsive professional partners who are passionate about customer care.


Dedicated advisors who are available to share their knowledge on all things. We are the people you can rely on for guidance when you’re unsure how to move forward.


Confident, charismatic, and trusting people. You will enjoy working with us, and we know that we will enjoy working with you.

Commitment To Our Team & Diversity

Jesser Ravid is as committed to our team as we are to our clients. We focus on nurturing a culture of awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion at our firm and believe in making all our accounting team members from all walks of life feel welcome and included.

We believe in cultivating a diverse community to meet both the needs of our clients and our employees. Having a team comprising people of different genders, religions, races, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and more means that we’re able to build a forward-thinking accounting firm with input and views of those from all walks of life. It also allows us to deliver our services in a range of languages such as Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian, Korean, Chinese, and Indian. A diverse team boosts creativity and helps us with our problem-solving, which is essential to our success as accountants.

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